No commitmentThat was my deal with Tyler from the start, at least until his tour was over and we could be together. But thirty days filming a reality show here, two years overseas with his band there… Is it really any wonder why I didn’t tell him about the baby?

He comes looking for me once he’s back in the country, but he runs into the man I married instead. Eventually I agree to meet him so I can put the past truly behind me. When I see him, though, every feeling I held inside comes rushing back.

My husband and I vowed to raise this baby together. But as I find myself drifting away from the husband who stole my job and gravitating toward the rock star who stole my heart, I realize he deserves the truth.

I just have no idea how to tell this rock star who doesn’t make commitments that he’s a father.

Ben Olson is living the perfect life. He was just traded to the Vegas Aces, he gets to play his favorite game with one of his best friends, and women everywhere want to be with him.

So why is it all starting to feel a little empty?

It can’t be because of the gorgeous girl he sits next to every Monday night at his friend’s weekly family dinners. She’s a decade younger than him and his best friend’s little sister. He has to get her out of his head…so another visit to his favorite local dancing establishment should be just the thing to help him forget about her.

Trouble awaits, though, and this might be the kind of problem that stays on his record permanently.

“Trouble” is a short story prequel to TIGHT SPOT.

When Tyler Caldwell steps off the tour bus, I don’t recognize the boy I worked with a decade ago. He’s grown from a boy to a man. A hot, lean, sexy rock star of a man.
A fierce attraction simmers between us, but my ex took both my dog and my confidence in the break-up.

Will this be my night with a rock star?

“Ask Me Later” is a short story prequel to NO COMMITMENT.