Frequently Asked Questions

What is the reading order of your books?

The reading order is linked here! If you’re looking for sports romance, your best bet is to start with HOME GAME. Looking for rock stars? Try A LITTLE LIKE DESTINY.

How do I get a spot on your ARC team?

ARCs are Advance Review Copies of upcoming book releases. Typically I run a giveaway in my newsletter for an ARC when I have a new series, and those who leave reviews on book 1 are entered to win book 2 and so on, all the way through book 5. If a reader wins book 5 and leaves a review, they have a chance to enter for a permanent spot on the team. This is subject to change and will likely not apply to books in a standalone series. Keep an eye on my newsletter for the next giveaway if you’re interested in a spot on the team! Subscribe here.

How did you become a published author?

I always loved to write! I used to teach, and when I’d get home from a long day at school, I’d head for the computer to add to my stories. I shared one of those stories with my husband back in 2012, who believed in me and my ability to tell a story so much that we started the process of looking into publishing on Amazon. In May 2013, I hit publish for the very first time.

When did you become a full time author?

I started publishing in 2013 when I was still a high school English teacher. When I had my son in 2015, we decided I’d finish out the school year and then give writing full time a try and at the same time, I’d get to stay home with my boy. I’ve been doing this full time since the end of the school year in 2016! I still taught college classes writing as an adjunct for a couple semesters after leaving high school teaching, but eventually I stopped that as well to focus my energy on writing.

Do you sell merchandise?

I do! I currently partner with Teespring, and you can order your favorite Vegas Aces player on a coffee cup, a t-shirt, stickers…even beach towels and tumblers! Check out all the options here.

Do you sell signed copies of your books?

I typically open a “signed bookstore” a couple times a year. Keep an eye on my newsletter for the upcoming dates! Click here to subscribe.

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