Tight Fit

It’s okay to admit I’m scared.

Outside forces are working hard to tear us apart, but we’ve teamed up against them. It’s the internal struggles we’re battling that could spell the ultimate end.

When Ben makes a public show to prove how committed we are, I’m left confused as I struggle to figure out whether his feelings for me are real or if they’re part of the act.

As we spend time at his secluded estate in Montana, I start to question whether there’s really an expiration date stamped on our relationship or if we could actually find a way to make this work.

We were all wrong for each other from the start, but together we’re a tight fit. As he lets me in on the secrets of his past, I fear it’s those very secrets that have the power to tear us apart.

TIGHT FIT is the third book in the VEGAS ACES: THE TIGHT END series. This series must be read in order.