Scoring Position

I wasn’t looking to change my “bad boy of baseball” reputation. At least not until my dream girl, Pop Princess Alexis Bodega, stepped foot in my clubhouse to sing for the stadium on opening day.

There’s just one problem, and it’s a big one. Her manager is also her boyfriend, and her father is her agent.

She’s kept on a tight leash with her incredibly busy schedule, and I’m at the start of a new baseball season with a new team.

It’s the worst time to explore this attraction with the wrong girl, but that doesn’t stop me from fighting my way backstage at her surprise performance in Vegas and slipping her my number.

I quickly discover that nothing is what it seems where her manager is concerned. The more I learn about America’s Sweetheart, the more I realize what the world knows of her is the carefully crafted façade of her brand…not the woman behind it all. But I’m getting to know the real Alexis, and I’m falling hard and fast for her.

Her father might be the one holding the ball, but I’m in a scoring position, and I won’t let anything stop me from getting the win.

SCORING POSITION is the first book in the VEGAS HEAT: BASES LOADED series. This series must be read in order.