Rookie Mistake

I fell for the boy next door, and then my father ripped it all away from us.

The first person to catch my eye in a long time is a colleague who tells me what we just did over his desk will never happen again.

And then my mother calls with news from back home.

I have to head back to the small town my father forced me to leave seven years ago knowing the boy I still love will show up, too.

When I finally see him, it’s clear we have unfinished business. But it doesn’t matter. His life is in the Vegas spotlight now, where he plays pro football and goes home to his wife.

My life is in Chicago now, where I embark on a torrid affair with my colleague.

And then two little pink lines show up with the power to change everything. The first time I saw them, my world imploded.

This time will be different. It has to be.

I won’t be making the same rookie mistake again.