Play Call

A trip across the country to cover an event plus one failed hotel room reservation means there’s only one bed for me to share with the new Vegas Aces head coach. We’ve been fighting each other nonstop as we push against the past, but it only takes one weekend for feelings two decades old to come rushing back.

We can’t be together. The reasons keep stacking up, from our bitter family rivalry to the fact that he can’t get involved with a member of the media to the accusations regarding the way I scored this job.

And so my best friend proposes a fake relationship. He’ll date her in public and come home to me, where we can get to know each other again and figure out whether there’s a future for us.

I’m shocked when Lincoln agrees to the plan, but a scorned colleague of mine is watching our every move. We have to be careful or it’ll become the kind of play call the coach will forever regret.

PLAY CALL is the second book in the VEGAS ACES: THE COACH series. This series must be read in order.