On Deck

When a family emergency reminds us all how short life can be, Alexis’s father moves up the wedding date. She’s forced to wrestle with her father’s emotional manipulation as we fall harder and harder for one another and her wedding day moves closer. We’re keeping a huge secret from her father and her rabid fan base, and we both feel the walls closing in on us.

And then my father shows up out of nowhere. He’s set on ruining my life the way he says I ruined his, and he has the evidence to do it.

As her wedding date to another man looms closer and she assures me it’s all a sham, I’m on deck as the man ready to step in and take my rightful place. But she has a choice to make, and it’ll pit herself against the very brand she’s worked so hard for.

ON DECK is the third book in the VEGAS HEAT: BASES LOADED series. This series must be read in order.