Game Play

When the family feud seems to worsen overnight at a charity event where our fathers get into a public argument, we need a solution. That’s when Lincoln’s publicist comes up with a way we can work together, and it’s brilliant.

But when my father sees who I’m partnering with for my new project, he couldn’t be more disappointed. It’s further proof that there’s too much stacked against us to ever come clean with our families.

Secret trysts in his office, in the media room after a game, and at his house after I sneak over there have been exciting. But we’re both feeling the frustrations of seeing each other in secret. While we both admit we can’t live without the other, we also can’t hide our relationship much longer.

The game play is fun for now…but we both know it won’t last forever.

GAME PLAY is the third book in the VEGAS ACES: THE COACH series. This series must be read in order.