As a pro football player, I’m known for scoring both on and off the field. But all that changes when a tragic accident leaves me as a single dad to a little girl.

With both our lives flipped upside down, I’m scrambling to balance my career while supporting the needs of a girl who just had her life torn apart. My little black book is replaced with pink unicorns and her peanut allergy means I have to rethink every meal I make. Despite my initial hesitation and uncertainty, I’m determined to do right by her.

Then we meet her reading teacher, Victoria, who’s everything I’m not—responsible, bookish, and patient. Our constant verbal clashes feel like some twisted form of foreplay. Watching how quickly she bonds with my daughter in ways I can’t proves I need her for more than simply helping me navigate this new life. But convincing her I’m not the man I used to be may the biggest challenge yet.

Despite my history, I’m determined not to let my past fumble my future.

FUMBLED is the first book in the VEGAS ACES: THE PLAYBOOK series. This series must be read in order.