It was over as quickly as it started…or at least I thought it was.

But as it turns out, I can’t stay away. Life keeps throwing us together, and it seems like she’s everywhere all at once.

She’s in the same house as me, in the bedroom next to mine as I dream about what she’s doing in there.

She’s interning at the baseball stadium when I’m there to focus on the game, and her boss has assigned her to shadow me as we work on a project together.

She’s out at the same bar with her friends when I’m out with mine. And don’t even get me started on the guy sitting next to her…

I can’t keep fighting against this thing between us, but the fastballs keep flying at me, and I don’t think we have a choice.

FASTBALL is the second book in the VEGAS HEAT: THE EXPANSION TEAM series. This series must be read in order.