Wedding the Wide Receiver

A steamy Football, Marriage of Convenience, Sister’s Ex romance from Amazon Top Ten Bestselling author Lisa Suzanne.

I’m not really sure how I ended up married to my sister’s pro football player ex-fiancé, but my vicious hangover might have something to do with it.

It slowly comes back to me.

My family vineyard. A secret clause in my grandmother’s will. An allergic reaction. Benadryl. Way too much tequila.

And a wedding gown meant for someone else to wear in just a few days.

If I can get him to stay married to me for the next year, the vineyard will be mine, and my backstabbing sister will get exactly what she deserves…absolutely nothing. After that, we can go our separate ways and never speak of this drunken mistake again.

Except for me, wedding the wide receiver might be the best mistake I’ve ever made. Now I just need to get him on the same page so we can rush toward our happily ever after.